Ex1: Create a web site for your homework

  • All of the home works in this course should be submitted to a web site created by you.
  • Go to google sites "http://sites.google.com/new", use your Google account to log in, and create a web site called: "XXX website for Computer Vision course".
    • The teacher suggests the students to use the account of Fu Jen Univ.'s Google Apps. Please see the FJU application page to know how to create a FJU Google account.
  • Fill-in your web site
    • Upload some of your personal pictures into your web site.
    • Create four web pages: Home, HW navigation, HW-exercise, HW-reading, HW-programming.
  • Deadline: 2018/03/05 24:00. Please submit your web address by Google Classroom.
  • Samples(ML105-2): Stephanie, Tony, Daniel.

Ex2: Install OpenCV 3.4.x